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Anti-LGBTQ+ bills keep failing. Could the tide be turning?

Started by Jessica_Rose, April 18, 2024, 06:18:03 AM

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Anti-LGBTQ+ bills keep failing. Could the tide be turning?

Story by Vivian Yin (18 April 2024)

As trans people continue to be targeted in state legislatures, they are finding mundane acts like using public bathrooms and finding new doctors risky, according to a recent poll.

Several advocacy groups, including the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), believe that the movement around anti-LGBTQ+ policies is losing steam.

In Georgia, the battle over anti-LGBTQ+ legislation lasted until the final hours of this past legislative session. In the end, no such bills passed or even made it to a vote in the Georgia House...

"MAGA politicians in Georgia tried it all in service to their anti-LGBTQ+ agenda," said HRC's Georgia State Director Bentley Hudgins in a statement, "including silencing debate and gutting unrelated, popular bills that had bipartisan support to ram through policies that would have put young LGBTQ+ Georgians in harm's way. They failed."

Florida was also unable to avoid the momentum of the political shift. This session, 21 out of 22 anti-LGBTQ+ bills failed. This is a marked improvement from last year, when Florida enacted six anti-LGBTQ+ bills into law. That is more than the seven previous years combined, according to HRC.

All of Kentucky's anti-LGBTQ+ bills also failed this session. Chris Hartman, executive director of the Kentucky LGBTQ+ advocacy group Fairness Campaign, says the success has made him "cautiously optimistic."

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It's not specifically LGBT, but the recent abortion ruling in Arizona illustrates how far out of touch that government and the courts are with the will of the people.


I certainly hope that we are hearing the death rattles of MAGA.


Whereas here in the UK it keeps getting worse !!!
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