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A transgender teen wanted to update his school records...

Started by Jessica_Rose, January 09, 2024, 10:26:36 AM

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A transgender teen wanted to update his school records. Oklahoma created a rule to stop him.

Story by Tyler Kingkade (9 Jan 2023)

OKLAHOMA CITY — Sitting on his living room couch, a 16-year-old high school student described all the reasons he's fighting to change his gender identity on official documents.

He doesn't want his classmates to know he's trans. He worries about the disrespectful comments he hears from people who don't realize he transitioned years ago, the ugly rhetoric on social media that prompts him to put down his phone, and the alarming data and stories about harassment and violence.

But mostly, J. Doe — as the teen is referred to in a lawsuit his family filed last month against the Oklahoma State Board of Education — just wants to be seen as a boy, not a transgender boy.

Last fall, a few weeks after the state's education department learned that J. Doe had obtained a court order to update his gender to male on all of his official records, the Board of Education created an emergency rule requiring school districts to get state approval before changing gender markers on students' private files. Then the board decided unanimously — without notifying his family to give them a chance to weigh in — that J. Doe's student records should continue to list him as female.
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